Training Partners and Plans

You are going for it.  Running your first 5k.  Or maybe this isn’t your first, but this time you just had a baby or will be pushing your kids in the jogging stroller for the majority of your training.

Whether you are just looking to finish or PR (or maybe win the fastest stroller award), MD5K will be posting regular training tips and posts to help you get ready for race day. If you need the extra “push” check out these amazing resources and training plans from our awesome partners:


The MD5K is an official BolderBoulder Qualifier!


The MD5K is proud to be an official qualifying race for the Bolder Boulder. Use the MD5K to secure your spot in Colorado’s highest profile road race. For more information click here.

Rollin’ to 5K 8-week 5k Training Plan

Running with Kids

This is one of the only 5k training plans out there designed by exercise scientists that includes a complete strength training plan that complements the running program.  The strength program is specifically designed to target the muscles you use when pushing a jogging stroller.  The goal is to increase your muscular endurance and support your joints properly so that you can run strong injury free!

The plan also includes pilates-based movements to target weak core muscles.  If you are a new mom, the pilates-based movements do wonders for strengthening those weakened and stretched pelvic and abdominal muscles.  And men, these core exercises will benefit you too!

What does it include?
– 8-week running program:  customized for training with a jogging stroller (or without)
– 8-week strength training plan
– Warm-up and stretching routines
– Detailed descriptions, pictures and even video demonstrations of each exercise
– Stroller running form tips and tons of other great resources!

You can purchase the program now HERE or if you purchase it during registration for only $19.99 (and save $8)!


FIT4MOM 5K Training Program and Cross-Training


FIT4MOM offers a 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon training programs through its nearly two dozen locations in the Denver area and across the Front Range. FIT4MOM also encourages runners to cross train with us by taking our Stroller Strides, StrollerBarre, or our Body Back Boost classes to complement the running training. Connect with FIT4Mom to learn more!


Get Ready to Train Like a Mother


Have the Mother’s Day 5K in your sights—but not sure how to train properly? The Train Like a Mother Club is here for you!

Train Like a Mother Club is a branch of Another Mother Runner, started by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, co-authors of Run Like a Mother, Train Like a Mother, and Tales From Another Mother Runner. The sole mission of Train Like a Mother? To support you from your first step to the finish line so you have your best training and race experience yet.

Registration for a 5K program includes a flexible training plan; miles of running resources, including super short strength training videos; private Facebook and Strava pages connecting you with your #motherrunner teammates; weekly newsletters and exclusive podcasts to keep you on track; and a swag package, including Balega socks, a tube of nuun, and GU, worth over $25 and delivered to your doorstep.

There are two 5K programs available:
*5K: Run/Walk ($35): a beginner-friendly program which starts with one minute of running and builds, over the course of 10 weeks, to 30 consecutive minutes of running.

*5K: Race ($35): an aggressive program that integrates speed work, tempo runs and speedy strides to get you a personal best in a 5K.

Training starts on February 29, so register soon! In addition, Dimity McDowell will be running and cheering at the Mother’s Day 5K, and will host two Saturday training runs (TBA) in City Park for those Training Like a Mother!